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Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters? Leveraging MBD in the Navy John Schmelzle from the U.S. Navy discusses MBD and AM.

Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) will have increasing importance in the U.S. Navy’s ability to rapidly respond to urgent fleet needs. The Navy has undertaken several pilot projects to navigate the MBD waters resulting in both a steep learning curve and a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of MBD implementation.

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3D PDFs Support MBD and Non-Technical User Experience MBD at Boeing

3D PDFs are moving document sharing to a whole new level – in fact they have become ubiquitous for making 3D models accessible to non-users of 3D modeling software.   Anyone opening a 3D PDF can now rotate, spin, re-size, zoom, and make parts transparent. This translates to a richer user experience for everyone, not just your engineering team sporting high performance software at their desks. Just ask Boeing: 3D PDFs have played a key role in their Model-Based Definition (MBD) internal and client communication for some time now

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Bob Deragisch at 3D-CIC: Managing Change Using 3D Models Aerospace Group’s Director of Engineering and Infrastructure Services at Parker Hannifin.

Serious challenges require serious change. This, Bob Deragisch would know: he has been working the benefits and challenges of the digital thread using 3D models for over 8 years in Parker Hannifin’s Aerospace Group. His organization sits right smack in the middle of a complex supply chain in the aerospace, automotive, and many more mechanical hardware industries. Managing engineering changes is a critical step for Parker Hannifin's business strategy.

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Simplify the CAD Beast: Use frontend planning to reduce backend disaster by implementing configuration management of your CAD.

Consulting services for:
  • Model Based Definition (MBD) Planning and Implementation
  • Model Based Enterprise and Model Based Engineering (MBE) Training
  • Model Based Documentation Methods - Model-Only, PMI, MBD
  • Model Based Definition (MBD) - Per ASME Y14.41 and MIL-STD-31000A
  • CAD Configuration Management (CM)
  • MBD Training
  • MBE Training

  • You see in 3D. Document in 3D. Create CAD models you can re-use from cradle to grave. Using ASMEY14.41.

    Consulting services for:
  • CAD Model-Based Definition
  • MBD Models
  • PMI
  • GD&T
  • 3D Solid Model
  • 3D PMI
  • CAD Model Best Practice
  • Action Engineering is a consulting firm that transitions government organizations and companies to effectively and efficiently implement Model Based Engineering. With a specialty in training organizations to document and tailor their business practices to be compatible with CAD, PDM and PLM software tools, Action advises companies in: CAD modeling standards and best practice, designer modeling efficiency, CAD configuration management, MBE training, team collaboration and CAD interoperability. Action Engineering's primary fields of expertise are defense and aerospace.

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