CAD Best Practice: Resilient Modeling

A partnership of Michael Hadley (Michael Hadley & Associates LLC) and Richard Gebhard (Assembly Technology Inc) results in great, and YES free, web accessible training videos that instruct in CAD best practices. The instructional videos are offered using ProEngineer (Wildfire/CREO), Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks.NativeCADVoice-over instructional videos, present three main elements.

  1. A strategy to manage the feature tree
  2. A resilient modeling methods library
  3. A personal “My Best Practices” document

This is a resource you should absolutely spend some time with. It dovetails nicely with my recommendations for 3D modeling best practice in Re-Use Your CAD: The CAD Model-Based Handbook, while providing specific Native CAD software implementation. Did I mention that it is FREE? Donations are accepted.

Resilient Modeling Best Practice Wesbite:

Screen Shot taken from ProEngineer Chapter 6: Reusable Models

Reusable Model

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