Neutral, Native, Interoperable CAD? Is It Time to Get Down to Business?

There is a lot of technoloMBD-Introgy out there to create and utilize your CAD models. But how DO YOU use it?

If 2015 is the year you will get down to the business of improving your design process by finally achieving your return on investment (ROI) from your CAD tools, then kick off your efforts with new courses from Action Engineering.

Offered late in January, these live interactive workshops immerse the members of your organization in understanding all the trials and tribulations of leveraging CAD models to improving your design-to-manufacture process.

Come and focus on the process, rather than any one particular CAD tool, and walk away with a plan to set your vision of model-based processes into play.

Read more about Action Engineering’s 2015 workshops at MCADCafé >>

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