STOP! Collaborate and Listen – MBE Workshop on CAD

It is time to stop worrying about what you can not do with your CAD models and focus on what you can do with them.

Many times, you are the CAD Super User trying to make your job and everyone’s more efficient. However, don’t go it alone. Integrating, Interoperating and Collaborating with CAD comes in many flavors, and there is an abundance of technology to take advantage of. However, figuring out the what, how, why and how much is tough, and can take years to research when starting from scratch.

Get a jump start in Denver, CO by joining other organizations and your peers to learn about the commercial and government standards of Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) and find out the best methods to improve your hardware design business practices.

January 26-27-28, 2015 Workshop Denver Tech Center

This class is interactive, encourages asking tough questions, and exploring the unlimited possibilities of 3D modeling.

Don’t have CATIA or NX, no worries, there are ways to take advantage of lower end systems including PTC Creo and Dassault’s SolidWorks.

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