CAD Modeling Etiquette: Do Your Colleagues Need a Refresher?

I hear it every day from other engineers: “I could use that model in my assembly, but it’s so bad. I might as well just remodel it.” Bad modeling techniques and a lack of solid expectations (or standards) in the hardware industry have driven the majority of us in product design at least a little crazy over the course of our careers. Unfortunately, for many, “bad models” are an everyday reality. Trouble is, the definition of a “good” model depends on who you ask. That’s probably not how engineering should work.


One way to all but wipe out “bad” modeling habits is to employ a 3D modeling standard at your company. Why bother with a modeling standard? According to the 2013 State of 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Report:

  • 49% of engineers spend over 4 hours a week fixing design data
  • 50% of engineers work late or on the weekend fixing design data
  • 32% of organizations miss project deadlines because of design data problems
  • 29% of organizations have ordered incorrect parts due to design data problems

Half of surveyed engineers work late or on the weekend fixing design data. That seems pretty high. A modeling standard might fix that. But first let’s be clear about what a we mean by “modeling standard.”

Read more about modeling standards at GrabCAD >>

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