Are your CAD Designers in a Rock Band or an Orchestra?

CAD designers typically fall into two categories: rock star or orchestra musician. There are many reasons for this, including the engineer’s personality and skill, but much also depends on the types of products you are building.


Image courtesy donaldydon

Organizations that build large systems that are in a production line: cars, farm equipment, and airplanes, for example, tend to fall in the orchestra musician category. Outfits that are in the business of building one thing and hammering it out in the garage (e.g., race car outfitters, spaceship builders, or consumer products) drop into a rock band groove.

Typically, model-based activities are relegated to a very good CAD designer, who may or may not benefit from the perspective of fluency in multiple CAD software packages. Generally, this assigned superuser will attempt to establish some rule of law among his or her fellow CAD designers, but fall short because that designer has other duties within the company and often has little authority over the other users’ priorities. (source: Re-Use Your CAD: The Model-Based CAD Handbook by J. B. Herron)

Let’s take a look at the difference, and then you tell me if you are a rock star or an orchestra musician. Are you one, but would rather be the other?

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