Avoid Classic Mistakes When Implementing MBD

Can you recall an instance where spending more time on project setup would have saved time (and money) over the life of the project? Time invested upfront, more often than not, makes up for itself later. Model Based Definition (MBD) implementation is no different!

Norm Crawford of Crawford Dimensional Management will discuss classic MBD implementation mistakes, and provide real-life examples of the related benefits that can be achieved, at the Collaboration and Interoperability Congress (CIC) in Washington, DC on October 29, 2015.

NX MBD Expert

NX MBD Expert

CIC Registration and Agenda Info: http://www.cimdata.com/en/education/plm-conferences/2015-plmrm-ad-cic/2015-plmrm-ad-cic-about-cic

Presentation Title: Classic Mistakes in MBD – How They Can Impact Early Benefits


  • Implementing MBD correctly
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Benefits to be realized


When implementing Model Based Definition, people often try to simply import tolerance information from the 2D drawing format to the 3D model. However, to gain early benefits from the model based enterprise process and to avoid losing downstream benefits, classic mistakes need to be avoided. In this presentation, Norm Crawford will discuss these implementation mistakes and provide some examples of the related benefits that can be achieved.


Norm Crawford is an inventor/designer with patents and over 30 years of mechanical design and engineering experience within the aerospace, automotive, military, yacht, and medical industries. Norm is an ASME Senior Level Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Professional and has a Configuration Management certification. He has had articles published on the subject of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and earned a most-read-article award related to the dimensional management lifecycle including PMI and 3D tolerance analysis over the past 15 years. His recent experience includes dimensional management consulting, advanced GD&T application and training, 3D tolerance analysis, surgical instrument design, and worldwide design collaboration.

More about 3DCIC:

The Collaboration and Interoperability Congress will focus on topics by real users of MBD or MBE with the theme of “Enabling the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE).” To learn more, please click here.

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