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return on investment
financial ratio intended to measure the benefit obtained from an investment (source)ROI-soft edges

Do Model-Based Definition (MBD) initiatives pay off? In our trainings and workshops, we talk about the importance of return on investment (ROI) for MBD initiatives. Without an expectation of good ROI, your case for MBD to upper management may be a lost cause!

In our MBD work over the last 8 years, it is abundantly clear that MBD has value. However, many organizations still struggle with understanding the business value of pursuing such an initiative.

A number of engineering leaders designated the justification of MBD initiatives to executives as a challenge. In fact, it was the top challenge out of the last study by Lifecycle Insights. So therein lies the focus for Lifecycle Insights’ next research study: return on investment. Many organizations hold the actual value very close. We want to provide a forum for users to provide their ROI values anonymously.

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Chad Jackson at Lifecycle Insights will lead research focused on the ROI that manufacturers are gaining from MBD initiatives. Jennifer Herron of Action Engineering is already a Research Board Member for the project. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking for answers, or a technology provider looking for insights, we invite you to support this MBD research study through Kickstarter. This project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 12:37 PM MDT.

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The research and its associated report will zoom in on the granular differences between organizations that have and have not adopted MBD practices. The scope of the report will focus on answering a number of outstanding questions about MBD initiatives, including:

  • What is the current state of engineering documentation?
  • What is the current state of adoption of MBD?
  • What quantified value does MBD deliver?
  • What strategic approaches yield the best return on MBD?
  • What tactical practices improve the value that MBD delivers?

The report will be relevant to companies of all sizes that serve discrete manufacturing industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, industrial or agricultural equipment and heavy machinery, medical equipment, consumer and high electronics. Estimated report delivery is October 2016.

AE LogoAction Engineering and the 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress are proud to partner with Lifecycle Insights to gather respondents. Jennifer Herron from Action Engineering is the inaugural Research Board Member.

The MBD landscape is quickly evolving. A plethora of new technologies have emerged, more companies are investigating it to understand its benefits and ROI, and more are recognizing the cultural and process changes needed to make such an effort truly successful. Consider supporting this crowdfunded campaign by June 30, 2016!

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