Transfer, Edit, and View PMI Annotated Models by Robb McCord

2016-08-09_6-49-00Over the last year, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems adopted changes to accommodate Model-Based Definition (MBD) designs in order to leverage the 3D models in manufacturing. The MBD data sets sent to suppliers do not include drawings. Most of the organizational changes involve conveying engineering documentation using file types that convey 3D annotations, or Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI). Mostly these formats are: STEP AP 242, JT, or 3D PDF files.

Robb McCord of Northrop Grumman Mission Systems returns as a presenter to the 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) to talk about the experience of Northrop Grumman Mission Systems for properly communicating PMI to suppliers. 3D CIC will be held in Golden, Colorado on October 25 & 26, 2016.

Presentation Title: Transfer, Edit, and View PMI Annotated Models Across Enterprises

Abstract: Properly communicating Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) attached to a CAD model is an essential function of using Model-Based Design. This presentation will contrast and compare the different formats used to transfer models annotated with PMI between systems and companies, as well as the methods used to view and edit these files. Results from a supplier survey and translation tests for PMI annotated models will be reviewed. Finally, conclusions and recommendations on the use of the three most common formats in use – JT, STEP, and 3D PDF – will be discussed.


Bio: Robb McCord is a Fellow CAD/CAM Engineer at Northrop Grumman’s Mission Systems sector with over 25 years experience in developing and implementing interoperability solutions between CAD and non-CAD systems to meet both customer and supplier requirements. As a product data exchange specialist, Robb has been responsible for supply chain integrations for “on-demand” distribution of configuration and product data including MBE PMI to support manufacturing by suppliers as well as several customer 3D collaboration systems. Industry initiatives he has been involved with include AFEI, PDES, Inc., and PLM World as the chairperson of the Interoperability & Data Translation Special Interest Group. Robb holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer.

More about 3D CIC:

The 2016 theme for the 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress is Commercial Applications of Model-Based Business Process, focused on real commercial users sharing their MBD/MBE journeys and experiences. Join Action Engineering at 3D CIC in Golden, Colorado on October 25 & 26, 2016. Click here to learn more about and register for 3D CIC.

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