Finding Your CAD Groove

In Spring 2016, I wrote how you should take The Model-Based Definition Ski Challenge. Well, in late December, I started up the 2016-17 ski season with my family amidst fresh powder and all new ski gear ā€¦ and it was all about regaining our ski groove. Getting into the CAD groove is much like finding your ski groove. Learn from my skiing and CAD experiences.

ski-challenge-2016-17-revWhat’s different? Age, jacket color, equipment, fresher powder. But, there continued to be whining, and more whining ā€“ this hurts and that hurts ā€“ but finally he was doing the best skiing heā€™s ever done.

Why the whining? Read more about finding your CAD grove, the MBD ski challenge and the three culture and training challenges we all face …

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