The Agile Organization that Enables Digital Transformation


The Agile Organization that Enables Digital Transformation

Agile organizational development to support becoming a Model-Based Enterprise. Major points include organizational behavior, culture change, executive buy-in, and technology readiness.

OVERVIEW: Transitioning large complex organizations through technology and cultural changes is a multi-faceted process. How best to manage “Disruptive Technology” and lead change drives organizational evolution and alignment. Leadership readiness with a long term focus, integrated with an end-user bottoms-up approach, is critical to ensure the ultimate effectiveness of process and tool adoption.

BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: This presentation presents Newport News Shipbuilding’s (NNS) implementation experiences transitioning from drawing-based products to digital products for Submarines & Aircraft Carrier. The presentation will detail the Experience/History of NNS’s transition to Siemens PLM Teamcenter and NX-3D applications, Organizational & Culture evolution, Leadership & Technology Readiness, and Training necessary to maximize business processes. This supports NNS’s objective to move all of their Navy ship programs into Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) ecosystems.

SUMMARY: NNS’s experience implementing Siemens PLM applications and evolving to model-based processes has required organizational agility and has been evolutionary. Critical aspects of the transition are related to implementing a “Matrixed Approach Organizational Theory” which provides “Structure for Complexity” and allows for industrializing large scale innovation practices. The Technology Adoption Theory, Design Thinking, Appropriate Scalability, and Train & Train More, coupled with proper organizational structure form the basis for successful production process transitioning.


Philip Jennings II, P.E.
Digital Enterprise
Newport News Shipbuilding

Philip Jennings is a licensed engineer leading a team at Newport News Shipbuilding that is transforming the way NNS designs, plans, builds, and sustains the most advanced war machines on the planet. In order to achieve this, NNS is pursuing a fully integrated, configuration managed virtual product model or “Digital Twin” that supports the entire value stream.

This pursuit has led to a large range of responsibilities including business strategy, organizational development, workforce development, data architecture design and configuration management, model to machine integration, and process and tool implementation.

When not pursuing NNS’s digital transformation, you can find Philip with family and friends, serving at church, enjoying Virginia Tech sports, playing tennis or, when he is lucky, snowboarding.

Jonathan Sherman
Engineering Manager
Newport News Shipbuilding

Jonathan Sherman is an engineering manager leading Newport News Shipbuilding’s transition towards a model based enterprise. He has over 10 years experience in the shipbuilding industry, focusing primarily on the design, fabrication and qualification of aircraft carrier machinery and systems. Jonathan is a 2006 Mechanical Engineering graduate of Virginia Tech, received his MBA from Old Dominion University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

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