Product Design as a Downstream Process: Leveraging Model-Based Enterprise


Product Design as a Downstream Process: Leveraging Model-Based Enterprise

Imagine if you could effectively harvest knowledge nuggets and apply them in your product development process. What value could you create and deliver? How fast could it be delivered to market? What waste could you avoid? Now stop day dreaming and GET IT DONE!

Imagine… you can harvest knowledge nuggets from:

  • Your enterprise and your extended enterprise
  • All your product platforms
  • All past experiences
  • All disciplines – including your service support and sales organizations

Keep imagining… these knowledge nuggets are easily put into context and readily available on demand.

With that picture in place:

  • What do your product design activities look like?
  • How fast can you complete your product design activities?
  • What is your confidence level on the decision made?
  • Are your verification and validation activities more focused?

Okay, stop dreaming about it and GET IT DONE!


Larry Bergquist
Model-Based Enterprise Advocate
Deere & Company

Larry Bergquist is an experienced product design engineer with demonstrated results in the construction equipment industry. He is skilled in Design for Fatigue Life, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Computer-Aided Design, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and Accelerated Testing. He is a strong advocate for semantic representation of geometric specifications, industry standard-based formats, and sustainable interoperability. Larry has a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue University. He has several published patents and is certified by ASME as a GD&T Professional for Y14.5-1994 and Y14.5-2009. Larry is actively involved in ASME standards committees for Model-Based Definition and the Quality Information Framework.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

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