MBD Supplier Readiness Study Endorsed by Action Engineering

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August 14, 2018

Action Engineering Endorses New MBD Supplier Readiness Study

Jennifer Herron, CEO, Action Engineering has endorsed a new manufacturing industry survey being conducted by Lifecycle Insights entitled MBD Supplier Readiness Study.

Link to study.

MBD Supplier Readiness StudyThe purpose of this survey-based study is to assess the readiness of suppliers, whether they are internal organizations or external companies, in the adoption of Model-Based Definition (MBD) across all phases of the product development process. These processes include: quoting, machining, tooling design, inspection, and engineering change functions.

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is an annotated model and its associated data elements that define the product in a manner that can be used effectively without a drawing graphic sheet. [ASME Y14.47-DRAFT]

Findings from this study will provide engineering executives with insight into the current adoption of model-based practices and processes across a broad spectrum. As importantly, it will help organization leaders determine whether their supply-chain are currently capable of implementing MBD across their entire enterprise, even if those suppliers are not currently employing those capabilities.


Provide this survey link to your suppliers. Often the suppliers are busy making your parts and do not have resources to research industry trends. Please enable them to support your data.

Action Engineering’s consulting team collaborates daily with organizations in the implementation of MBD strategies towards a Model-Based Enterprise. When asked about the importance of endorsing this study, Jennifer Herron said: “No one likes to talk about pain points, but we know they exist – particularly when our clients arrive at the supply-chain handoff in the manufacturing process. To fully implement MBD in an organization, each department and supplier in the process must be capable of processing their piece in full digital format. This study will help us know just how ready the supply-chain is to participate in MBD implementation”.

Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights Research Analyst and developer of this study commented: “Many executives are convinced there is value in pursuing MBD initiatives. The issue, however, is that executives are concerned about the readiness of their supply chain to adopt such change. The findings of this study will offer specific insight into the state of suppliers, quantifying their ability to receive MBD and use it for their work”.

Responses to the MBD Supplier Readiness Study are being collected now through early September 2018. Findings will be released at the next 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress being held in Golden, Colorado October 15-18, 2018.

Link to study.

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