The Model-Based CAD Handbook by J.B. Herron


The ModelCHECK Handbook by R.L. Astheimer

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Presentation Automating Processes for Purpose Transitioning from MBD to MBE: Preserve data quality, communicate with flexibility, and automate. Transitioning from MBD to MBE requires high-quality data, flexible interfaces, and automation. Elysium will give a brief “all-the-fun-and-no-frills” demonstration on processes that … Continue reading

Presentation NX MBD and DIPS: Digital Inspection Planning Strategies Measurement processes can add a significant amount of manufacturing process time, and there are a number of opportunities to make process improvements, particularly in inspection planning. Automatic inspection programming from Model-Based … Continue reading

Presentation How to Author PMI for Really Big Boats Learn how PMI can be applied using Siemens NX for large assembly models vs. smaller manufacturing models. Presenter Missy Menser-Huether Engineer Designer  Newport News Shipbuilding Missy Menser Huether is an engineering … Continue reading

Presentation Digitizing DFM: Design for Manufacturability Going from paper specs, emails, documents, and PowerPoint to a digitized DFM environment within Creo using DFMPro from HCL. Legacy Design for Manufacturability (DFM) systems involved paper specs and hundreds of rules listed in … Continue reading

Presentation Navigating Organizational Buy-in Recognizing micro cultures in an organization. Finding a way to build buy-in across all levels. MIT Lincoln Laboratory has been undergoing a digital transformation including CAD, MBD, MBE, PLM, and ERP. We have found that buy-in … Continue reading