It’s All Fun and Games Until the Other People Show Up: User Experience Analysis for MBD Success


It’s All Fun and Games Until the Other People Show Up: User Experience Analysis for MBD Success

Learn how to make the pesky people in your MBD process a little less pesky.

As engineers, it can be tempting to focus so much on the design and the technology that you lose sight of the people. But it’s often the people that make a process succeed or fail. Around the world, many industries have used User Experience Analysis to make their processes and products better. You may be familiar with it in a product design context. But now we’re taking these methods and applying them to Model-Based Definition processes, because it’s one thing to have a shiny new MBD process and another thing to get all the teams you need bought in and excited about making the change. Understanding the users of your MBD process can:

  • Ease the agony of handoffs and transitions
  • Increase the likelihood of meeting deadlines and milestones
  • Increase the use of MBD through the organization
  • Reduce the number of meetings, reiterations, and cross-functional crises


Rhiannon Gallagher
User Experience Consultant
Action Engineering

Rhiannon Gallagher has been a user experience analyst for twenty years, working as a consultant in a variety of industries. Originally, she applied her user experience and storytelling skills to the creation of software and applications. Along the way, she saw frustrations and failures happen not because the product design was flawed, but because the workflows and processes in the organizations interfered with their ability to succeed. Now she uses her user experience methods and techniques, honed over the years, on the processes themselves.

Rhiannon has designed everything from communication processes for global mining teams to IV drug compatibility checkers to hazardous materials databases and insurance administration tools. She has developed a suite of fun and engaging ways to bring out user information, train users, and incorporate new processes into existing teams and workflows.

Rhiannon has a BA in Human Geography and English from Macalester College, a Fulbright Scholarship at University College London and has studied Human Factors Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is also a graduate of the Storycenter Digital Storytelling Course and the Capra Course.

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