Sheet Metal and MBD


Sheet Metal and MBD

This presentation will focus on sheet metal and MBD challenges that are not present in conventional manufacturing. The straightforward process of moving from model to manufacturing for conventional production becomes skewed in the sheet metal process due to the “unfolding” of the model. 

Topics to be presented:

PMI Placement

  • Model Only – To what extent? Fully detailed or critical only?
  • Model and Flat Pattern – Fully detailed flat pattern and critical only on model?

Quality and Inspection

  • Are parts 100% inspected when flat pattern is cut?
  • Are parts 100% inspected after forming?

Supply Chain (and their capabilities)

  • Drawings only
  • Flat patterns (.dxf) and drawings
  • Models and flat patterns
  • Models only

All topics listed above are interrelated and determine the MBD process for the future.


Allen Garver
Process Excellence Engineer
GE Transportation

Allen Garver recently accepted a new position as Process Excellence Engineer for GE Transportation. He has been involved with NX/UG since it was ported to the Windows platform in UG V11. His background is in sheet metal, Additive Manufacturing, 3D PDFs, plastic injection mold design, and CNC programming. Allen has developed projects for the shop floor using models that include laser projection systems for assembly of locomotive platforms, and the development of .dxf files for press brake programming. Last year, he supported a manufacturing project that implemented the use of PMI for CMM consumption, which demonstrated the work and diligence needed by designers to make consumption successful.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

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