Journey to MBE Using MBD in the Plant and Supplier Quality Environments


Journey to MBE Using MBD in the Plant and Supplier Quality Environments

  • Starting the MBD journey with a positive ROI
  • Proper training and standards are key

Where to start? Allison Transmission is using semantic data to show a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate of return on investment (ROI) for the effort being put into applying product and manufacturing information (PMI) data to their Product Engineering data. We all know and can expound on the benefits of a more complete Technical Data Package (TDP) that provides the necessary information to produce and bring a product to market. Management needs to evaluate the effects of using Model-Based Definition (MBD) in the production environment to fully understand the positive ROI where the rubber meets the road. This session will discuss the trials and tribulations of using the CAD model with embedded PMI to significantly reduce the programming time, reduce the possibility of operator error, and increase the quality of parts being put into the final product. Internal standard creation, collaboration with the quality team, update training for engineers and designers (GD&T) are some of the areas to be covered as all of these areas need to be addressed to successfully start your path to becoming a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) organization.


Rusty Michael
CAD Support Engineer
Allison Transmission

Rusty Michael supports Allison Transmission around the world with their NX training needs and daily support activities. In addition, he supports the engineering community in their use of PLM and future initiatives around PLM and their journey towards a digital transformation. Rusty focuses on bringing the Manufacturing, Quality, and Product Engineering organizations together to pursue the use of a single source of truth for their math data. He’s owned a number of his own businesses and enjoys bringing what he’s learned from those life experiences to his daily work at Allison Transmission. He has three sons and four grandchildren that he spends time with. If there is any time left, he’s also a SCUBA instructor and enjoys getting in the water when he can.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) focuses on 3D CAD collaboration and interoperability for the entire product lifecycle. The 2018 theme of Enterprise Accountability will bring together real users to share experiences and learn about the topics of Culture & Champions, Quality, and Manufacturing. 3D CIC 2018 will be held October 15-18, 2018 at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado. Find out more and register at

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