Digitizing DFM: Design for Manufacturability


Digitizing DFM: Design for Manufacturability

Going from paper specs, emails, documents, and PowerPoint to a digitized DFM environment within Creo using DFMPro from HCL.

Legacy Design for Manufacturability (DFM) systems involved paper specs and hundreds of rules listed in multiple documents. This is a good way to document DFM rules, but not a good way to implement them. Legacy processes involved lots of offline documents, exchange of emails and documents, and consuming issues in PowerPoint. By digitizing our rules with DFMPro, we have moved the factory capabilities onto the designer’s desk, offering instant feedback within Creo.


Joe Wackerman
Technical Leader 
Cisco Systems

Joe Wackerman is a Technical Leader in Hardware Engineering who has worked at Cisco Systems for 18 years. He has worked in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing in the Aerospace, Motion Control, and Telecom industries. He has a BS and MS from the University of Santa Clara. He began his career in Aerospace designing rocket nozzles for United Technologies working on Trident D5 missiles, Titan IV Solid Rocket Boosters and Intelsat VI, with a focus on mechanical nozzle design and structural analysis. He then moved to the Motion Control industry, designing electronic packaging for industrial drives, controls and motors. He then moved from Engineering Design into Manufacturing, and worked in Printed Circuit Assembly, Mechanical Assembly, Tooling, and Process Development for New Product Introduction. His focus at Cisco has been in New Product Introduction and Mechanical Innovation. He has implemented enterprise-wide search software, has worked on PDM transition to Agile, and recently, he has been focused on design verification and leveraging Model Based Design principles.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) focuses on 3D CAD collaboration and interoperability for the entire product lifecycle. The 2018 theme of Enterprise Accountability will bring together real users to share experiences and learn about the topics of Culture & Champions, Quality, and Manufacturing. 3D CIC 2018 will be held October 15-18, 2018 at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado. Find out more and register at 3dcic.com.

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