ASME Releases MBE Recommendation Report

In October 2018, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) announced the development of an ASME Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Recommendation Report. That report is now publicly available.

Click here to to obtain a copy of the ASME MBE Standards Committee Recommendation Report.

Following is a recap of the report objectives provided by Fredric Constantino, S&C Project Engineering Advisor Standardization and Testing for ASME.

The intent of this report is to guide initial activities, direction, and priorities of MBE Subcommittees and relevant standards. It provides connections between MBE topics, an organizational MBE Committee structure, and Committee focus points. The report also provides a brief background and motivation for MBE and proposes a methodology for developing ASME MBE standards using a model-based approach.

This report was developed by a Steering Group and delivered to ASME in December 2018. The Steering Group is comprised of eight current ASME volunteers chosen by their industry peers as MBE experts and well versed in ASME committee policy through their participation on existing ASME committees (e.g. B5, B89, Y14, V&V). Two additional MBE subject matter experts were invited by the Steering Group to aid in their work.

ASME is looking for experts across the manufacturing continuum to join the MBE subcommittees and assist in developing standards for the digital manufacturing age. We encourage all levels of participation, and look forward to working with industry to facilitate its digital transformation.

Fred Constantino will lead a teleconference in early March 2019, and an in-person meeting in conjunction with the planned MBE Summit 2019.

Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering serves serves on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as chair of the ASME Y14.46 Subcommittee on Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing (AM), ASME Y14.47 Digital Product Definition Data: Model Organization Schema Practices, ASME Y14.37 Composite Part Drawings, and the ASME MBE Steering Group formed in March 2018 to work on this project.

If you have comments, questions, or interest in participating within a specific ASME subcommittee, feel free to contact Jennifer Herron or Fred Constantino.

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