3D Data Exchange Using 3D PDF Technology


Dick Tiano ATI wearing gray polo shirt with black collar and glasses3D Data Exchange by Dick Tiano, ATI

3D model to 3D PDF conversion capability provides production-quality model-based documents and Technical Data Packages (TDP) for downstream users.

As we move from 2D drawings to 3D models created in many different formats it is important to understand the downstream use of the technical data. We often forget that the end users, especially in the government, may not have the ability to view the format provided for cataloging, provisioning or sustainment. Suppliers may have the same difficulties as they attempt to manufacture parts. We need the ability to generate production-quality, model-based documents, and Technical Data Packages (TDP) that provide non-computer-aided design (CAD), non-engineers, and other downstream consumers with the detailed engineering and manufacturing information required for effective model-based communication and collaboration. This presentation will show how one particular group configured and improved their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system production environment for technical data that is being delivered from an OEM to their PLM system and then passed on to the end users.

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Dick Tiano
Senior Program Manager
Advanced Technology International (ATI)

Dick Tiano is a Senior Program Manager with Advanced Technology International (ATI) in Summerville, SC. Mr. Tiano has over five decades of manufacturing experience in numerous industry disciplines. For the past 30 years he has been actively involved with many DoD industrial base projects related to the use of technical data as it has evolved from 2D to 3D. Most recently his project involvement has been related to working with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as they prepare for integrated use of the newer technical data formats such as 3D PDF, JT and HTML5 that will be provided by the various DoD services for use in the cataloging, provisioning and sustainment processes. Mr. Tiano also provides technical input for many Office of Naval Research –Manufacturing Technology Program (Navy ManTech) projects executed by the Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center (NSAM) program, managed by ATI.


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