Creating Quality Data for MBE: How to avoid saying “It’s your job.”


Alex Boehm - ULACreating Quality Data for MBE: How to avoid saying “It’s your job.” by Alexander Boehm, United Launch Alliance

Model-Based Enterprise success depends on: quality of the source data and team buy-in.

Quality CAD data that can be efficiently reused in downstream applications is essential for the success of a model-based enterprise. A robust checking process is essential to ensuring the quality of this data, but this is not the only aspect to consider. The design quality starts with the design teams generating the data. Sometimes the importance of interacting with these teams can be overlooked. A design team that understands the important of the quality of the data can be a more efficient tool than checking alone. Much has been said about how to generate buy in within an organization from a high level but less so about the actual one on one interactions with members of an organization. This presentation offers tools and processes from a more personal perspective.

PresenterUnited Launch Alliance ULA

Alexander Boehm
System Architect Engineer
United Launch Alliance

Alexander Boehm is a System Architect Engineer with United Launch Alliance with 8 years design experience in the Aerospace and Energy Industries and is a standards enthusiast. Alex enjoys engaging with different parts of the organization, understanding the issues they face, and working to save them time and cost. His current project is streamlining design to manufacturing integration.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

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