Where does 3D PDF fit in the MBD/Trust Digital Conversation


3D PDF Panel Speakers 3D PDF Consortium LogoWhere Does 3D PDF Fit in the MBD/Trust Digital Conversation

3D PDF implementation experts break down a DLA pilot case study, examining the successes and challenges of MBD.

First, the story.  Ben Jilson leads with a true story of a DLA pilot case study, sending an RFP to multiple third party vendors supported only by a 3D PDF.  This presentation provides a summary of a series of demonstrations and pilots using 3D PDF TDPs to power DLA cataloguing, provisioning, procurement, and quality assurance processes.  Read Ben’s full presentation abstract here.

We will follow with a panel discussion lead by Phil Spreier, Executive Director of the 3D PDF Consortium, including these topics:

a. What are the 3D content trends in your community?

  i. Is VR/AR important now?
  ii. Will VR/AR have a role in the future?

b. Are open standards important in MBE?
  i. What are the most important 3D formats/ecosystems to your community?
  ii. What challenges do you encounter when implementing 3D formats?

c. What use cases do you see for 3D PDF in MBE?

d. What is the most important next steps for 3D PDF?

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Phil Spreier, 3D PDF Consortium, Moderator
Ben Jilson, LMI
Casey Nordwald, United Launch Alliance
These 3D CIC Sponsors offering a 3D PDF Solution will support the conversation:
Elysium – Annalise Suzuki
Anark – Paul Perreault
ITI – Tony Provencal
Siemens – Randy Langmead

Phil Spreier is an entrepreneur and consultant with a background in 3D software, specializing in solid modeling and data translation. He has worked for both small and large companies in a range of technical and sales positions and has specialized in 3D PDF since 2010. Phil is very active in the PDF community, currently serving as Executive Director for the 3D PDF Consortium and Chairman of the US delegation to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC 171/SC 2. This group is responsible for developing the PDF (ISO 32000), PDF/E (ISO 24517) and PRC (ISO 14739) specifications. Phil is also the project leader of the ECMAScript and ECMAScript 3D ISO standards.

Ben Jilson has nearly a decade of experience as a consultant at LMI, working with a number of Department of Defense clients. He is a skilled logistics process and policy analyst with experience in systems engineering, technical data management, project management, lifecycle management, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, and digital engineering. Ben leads several projects supporting the Defense Logistics Agency’s digital sustainment initiatives and serves as LMI’s principle investigator for model-based technical data solutions. He graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial and systems engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Casey Nordwald Casey has been designing rockets for 16 years. After completing my Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree at the University of MO – Rolla (Now Missouri S&T). He began his aerospace career at Lockheed Martin in 2003 as a Centaur Structures Designer. Casey completed his Space Systems Operations Master’s degree (Webster University) in 2007 and transitioned to Atlas V Booster Structures assuming the Design Lead and CRE roles soon after. Atlas Booster Tank fabrication transitioned from the heritage Denver factory to the Decatur Factory in 2010 following ULA’s creation in 2006. Casey began working with the team developing early concepts and designs for the Booster that would eventually become Vulcan in 2013. His role on Vulcan expanded steadily to his current position as Vulcan Booster Tank Structures Design Lead & CRE.


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