Action Engineering Agile Mindset: Daily Stand-Ups

The Action Engineering team embraces an Agile mindset & Scrum practices in our work.
This series shares tips & coaching opportunities that work well for us.

As the Action team continues advancing our Agile & Scrum practices, we’re sharing a weekly topic for discussion. Our goal is to collaboratively improve our practices with an open dialogue about what is working well (or could be improved!) in our teams.


  • Answer all three questions: What did you complete yesterday? What do you plan to complete today? What impediments are in your way?
  • This is a commitment to ourselves and our teammates on what we are going to work on.
  • Be specific. Giving specific responses can help facilitate conversation amongst teammates and prevents duplication of work.
  • Don’t be shy about raising impediments! You’re working on a team, so don’t keep your impediments to yourself – resourceful teammates can support you! Being transparent about where you are & where you’re struggling builds trust.

At Action Engineering, because we have team members working remotely, we hold virtual daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams. Every morning, team members start the day by posting their answers to the three questions in our #WaterCooler channel. Everyone knows what everyone else is working on, regardless of what time their workday starts, and we can quickly raise & solve impediments!

Want to chat with us about how your team is practicing Agile in your MBE journey?
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Kate Hubbard, CMO


Chief Marketing Officer
Certified ScrumMaster®


Emily Cosgrove, Agile Team Lead


Agile Team Lead
Certified ScrumMaster®

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