Pamela Gillaspie Joins Action Engineering as Social Architect

Action Engineering is pleased to introduce Pamela Gillaspie, who has joined our team in the role of Social Architect.

Pamela believes that success in any technology space is all about people, from the boardroom to the shop floor. She is our Agile Product Owner coach, helping clients kickstart their MBE transformation, coaching Agile development practices to foster commitment, trust, and actionable steps to help clients meet their MBE goals. She is also instrumental in our Social Science division: facilitating interviews, site visits, communication plans ,and training development. Finally, Pamela brings her product management background to the toolset Action Engineering provides its clients.

Pamela studied Logic and Computation at Carnegie Mellon University before moving to Colorado. She began her career in Technical Communication, writing software documentation and training materials; and communication became the foundation of her career. She has worked extensively in software development, especially in the field of test automation. Although she loved rolling up her sleeves and coding, establishing test processes and building thriving, high-performing teams became her focus. Later, she turned to shaping the tools of her trade as a Director, Product Management and Board Director for test-automation products.

When Pamela is out of the office, she enjoys boardgames, theatre, knitting, and hiking with her dogs.

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