What Happens to Quality Data When Engineering Changes Happen?

Jennifer Herron Action Engineering CEO Keynote at Metromeet 2020Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering presented on the impact design and engineering changes have on manufacturing data quality during her Keynote at Metromeet 2020 in Bilbao, Spain. 

This year’s conference focused on Real Applications of Intelligent Metrology, Advanced Instrumentation and Calibration, Metrology and Industry 4.0, and New Dimensional Metrology Solutions. Presentations addressed challenges companies face today in assessing the benefits of adopting smart metrology technologies. Topics such as predictive maintenance and interoperability are key for companies looking to make the leap to optimized, digital production. We can all agree: CHANGE is at the core of these conversations simply because it’s inevitable as we design and innovate in the manufacturing sector.

Team Members involved in developing this Keynote presentation:

What happens to Quality data when engineering changes happen?

Learn how the Quality Information Framework (QIF) can be leveraged to communicate changes and how traceability occurs during the change handoff.

When Quality receives an Engineering change, if an interoperability standard is employed, there is positive business impact.

This presentation explored:

  • Current state of tools and standards
  • Future state needs for tools and standards
  • Best practice recommendations for leveraging Industry 4.0
  • Awareness around capturing engineering changes digitally
  • View engineering change validation and see examples of the change reports

When Quality receives an Engineering change, we must explore data exchange using QIF across the supply chain handoff.

One of the largest business benefits from digital 3D CAD data exchange in the supply chain is managing engineering change communication and management. However, the details are often obscured because machine-readable data is challenging to comprehend by leaders and implementors. Our presentation breaks down the data elements and explains the exchange of engineering changes and how they can be leveraged in metrology.


Quality Information Framework (QIF) can be leveraged to communicate changes and how traceability occurs during the change handoff.

QIF is a highly interoperable and flexible framework that enables:

  • Software vendors to easily implement
  • Provides accurate and reliable data exchange during the supply chain handoff.

The more companies that see a robust digital data exchange process as it changes hands from company to company, the more we Trust Digital.



We are pleased to offer a complete PDF version of Jennifer’s presentation for download and viewing. Please reach out with your questions and comments via email.

Michelle Nordwald, COO of Action Engineering, also attended Metromeet.

Organized by Innovalia, Metromeet presenters deliver high-level technological content complemented by unique networking opportunities with professionals from the world of industry including Action Engineering, Autodesk, Innovalia Metrology, General Electric, Novo Nordisk A / S, Topsolid, and Tekniker, among many others. Metromeet attendees also include representatives of different international universities and other public and private centers such as the PTB, the Nottingham University, the University Antwerp, or the UPV University of the Basque Country.

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