The Model-Based CAD Handbook by J.B. Herron


The ModelCHECK Handbook by R.L. Astheimer

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October 7, 2019 Golden, CO

Dick Tiano ATI wearing gray polo shirt with black collar and glasses

Presentation 3D Data Exchange by Dick Tiano, ATI 3D model to 3D PDF conversion capability provides production-quality model-based documents and Technical Data Packages (TDP) for downstream users. As we move from 2D drawings to 3D models created in many different … Continue reading

Wynne Odell CEO Odell Brewing wearing violet top and mustard yellow sweater

Presentation Culture, Collaboration and Trust by Wynne Odell, Odell Brewing Co. Tapping into the passion and perseverance that ferments into a world-class bottle of beer and how those values flow into Trusting Digital in a Model-Based Enterprise. Odell Brewing is … Continue reading

Dr. Toby Maw of MTC

Presentation QIF for Integrated Information and Improved Quality by Dr. Toby Maw, Manufacturing Technology Centre Highlighting technology capabilities that support Model-Based Definition and the Digital Thread using QIF. The digitalization of manufacturing means that data is being produced at every … Continue reading

Jose Resendis of Raytheon

Presentation Models: Source of Truth by Jose Resendis, Raytheon How model-based initiatives support the source of truth as it relates to CAD data. In this his presentation, Jose will dig into the various CAD related efforts Raytheon is undertaking to … Continue reading

Presentation Comfy Paper Pillows are Smothering MBD by Casey Nordwald, United Launch Alliance MBD & 3D PDF implementation challenges and 2D vs 3D culture shifts. The use of Model-Based Definition/MBD rather than heritage 2D drawings plays an important role in … Continue reading