The Model-Based CAD Handbook by J.B. Herron


The ModelCHECK Handbook by R.L. Astheimer

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MBD Using Modern GD&T   

April 30 - May 2, 2019 Golden, Colorado

Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering, interviewed Raphael Nascimento, CADIQ Product Manager at International TechneGroup Inc. (ITI), for this featured blog about 3D enterprise accountability. Action Engineering appreciates ITI’s generous support as a Signature Sponsor of the 2018 3D Collaboration … Continue reading

I typically start my work day sitting on my butt, coffee in hand, reading emails, writing emails, determining where the cultural barriers lie to adopting Model-Based Definition. My thoughts today are on the family dynamic. Since we all know that … Continue reading

I recently co-authored “Towards Annotations and Product Definitions for Additive Manufacturing” with Dr. Paul Witherell and Dr. Gaurav Ameta. The title sounds official, as it should for a published paper, but perhaps, between you and me, we could give it a lighter name: All About That … Continue reading

Government and commercial entities gathered at the MBE Summit in April 2016 to discuss  the digital thread and Model-Based Engineering. This annual event is hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The purpose of the MBE Summit is … Continue reading

Every time I dive into an additive manufactured (AM) design project, the outcome of that design (the part) is always a bit of a surprise. I expect most of you have experienced something similar. Read more about AM surprises at … Continue reading