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The ModelCHECK Handbook by R.L. Astheimer

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Curtis Brown gray jacket red shirt

Presentation Trust Digital with the QIF by Curtis Brown of DMSC The QIF ANSI standard is an information model for the manufacturing quality enterprise. The Quality Information Framework is an ANSI Standard that is being harvested as an ISO standard … Continue reading

Coleman Donnelly white shirt, black tie, beard

Presentation The Disruptive Potential of QIF in Manufacturing by Coleman Donnelly, Stryker Let’s breakdown how QIF fits into the manufacturing workflow. The QIF standard provides a platform for automation of software implementation that enables immediate automation of engineering tasks associated … Continue reading

Dr. Toby Maw of MTC

Presentation QIF for Integrated Information and Improved Quality by Dr. Toby Maw, Manufacturing Technology Centre Highlighting technology capabilities that support Model-Based Definition and the Digital Thread using QIF. The digitalization of manufacturing means that data is being produced at every … Continue reading

Presentation Trust the Digital Force: A Cisco QIF Story by Benny Yap, Cisco Learn Cisco’s MBE story of long long ago and why QIF is the chosen one. Come along on the Cisco Model-Based Enterprise /MBE Digital Transformation story and … Continue reading

Juggler Show: OEM to Supplier QIF Case Study Webinar

Passing 3D model data without a drawing from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to a supplier generally creates interoperability chaos.  How do you streamline this process while maintaining the Digital Thread? Join Ryan Gelotte, CTO of Action Engineering in this … Continue reading