The Model-Based CAD Handbook by J.B. Herron


The ModelCHECK Handbook by R.L. Astheimer

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

October 7-11, 2019  >>  Golden, Colorado  >>  REGISTER NOW

GD&T Master Class  

October 7, 2019 Golden, CO

Wynne Odell CEO Odell Brewing wearing violet top and mustard yellow sweater

Presentation Culture, Collaboration and Trust by Wynne Odell, Odell Brewing Co. Tapping into the passion and perseverance that ferments into a world-class bottle of beer and how those values flow into Trusting Digital in a Model-Based Enterprise. Odell Brewing is … Continue reading

Sarah Hale Sandia Labs

Presentation Trusting Digital in the Nuclear Age by Sarah Hale, Sandia National Laboratories Leveraging the benefits of model-based practices while meeting international agile deterrent requirements. As part of the Nuclear Security Enterprise, Sandia National Laboratories works to ensure that the … Continue reading

Presentation Trust the Digital Force: A Cisco QIF Story by Benny Yap, Cisco Learn Cisco’s MBE story of long long ago and why QIF is the chosen one. Come along on the Cisco Model-Based Enterprise /MBE Digital Transformation story and … Continue reading

Leslie Peters Metro Aerospace

Presentation The Bleeding Edge of 3D Production Manufacturing by Leslie Peters, Metro Aerospace From prototype to production: the pain points of trusting digital. This presentation will be begin with an overview detailing the company history of Metro Aerospace and our … Continue reading