3D CIC Speaker FAQ

It’s evident to us that Model-Based Enterprise implementers are eager for industry experience and collaboration that can enable their digital transformations. For 16 years, 3D CIC has been a gathering place for industry practitioners to network and learn.

Action Engineering is planning to host 3D CIC as scheduled in October. However, we are already looking at what-if scenarios should the ongoing global crisis affect the in-person 3D CIC experience. We plan to host 3D CIC virtually if the in-person event must be cancelled. We will make a live vs. virtual decision at a later date.


Thank you for committing to speak at the 2020 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress! We are excited to hear about your experience and expertise in alignment with the 2020 theme: Trust Digital. We look forward to many clever and engaging presentation topics.

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Speaker Deadlines

  • August 28, 2020: Speaker commitment form due.
  • September 4, 2020: Draft presentations due; review with Action Engineering scheduled. Add to Calendar
  • September 25, 2020: Final presentations due. Add to Calendar
Submit Speaker Commitment FormComplete the commitment form below.August 28, 2020
Review Speaker FAQsFamiliarize yourself with the FAQs below.
Register for 3D CIC 2020Register using your emailed speaker code.August 28, 2020
Book Travel to Golden, ColoradoClick for hotel room block details.September 4, 2020
Submit Draft Presentation
Naming structure: LastName-CompanyName-Date
Upload here.September 4, 2020
Schedule Presentation Review
30-minute review of draft presentation with Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering.
Schedule review to occur before September 23.September 4, 2020
Submit Poll Question(s)
Submit question(s) to be asked of the audience following your presentation. Review Polling and Q&A features and read FAQs for more details.
Email poll question(s) to Action Engineering.September 25, 2020
Confirm PDF Distribution
Can your presentation be distributed (as .PDF) to attendees following the event?
Email confirmation to Action Engineering.September 25, 2020
Submit Final Presentation
Naming structure: LastName-CompanyName-Date
Upload here.September 25, 2020
Confirm Session TimeConfirm on the agenda.


How do I register using my complimentary speaker code?

You should have received a email from 3dcic@action-engineering.com containing your individual speaker code. Register here.

How long are the presentations?

Unless we have discussed other arrangements with you, most presentations are scheduled for 30 minutes. There will be countdown cards displayed from the Action Engineering table to let you know when there are 10, 5, 2, and 0 minutes remaining in your scheduled 30-minute slot. At the end of your presentation, Jennifer Herron from Action Engineering will join you on stage to moderate 5 minutes of audience questions.

What are the presentation guidelines?

  • Layout: Prepare your presentation in widescreen format (16:9). Please avoid using the standard ratio (4:3).
  • Text: All text should be 24 point or larger font to ensure clear readability.
  • Format: Microsoft PowerPoint is strongly encouraged.
  • Graphics: You are free to use your own PowerPoint template. We do not have a prescribed 3D CIC slide design template, though you may use this template if desired.
  • Video & Audio: Please let us know in advance if your presentation includes video and/or audio. We will advise our on-site tech support to ensure that video and audio play correctly.

All presentations – draft, final, or revisions – can be uploaded to this shared folder. Please use the naming structure ‘LastName-CompanyName-Date’.

When should I be prepared to go on stage?

Please come to the Action Engineering table near the stage approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled speaking time. This allows enough time to get your mic ready and helps the event continue flowing if our scheduled times need to be adjusted.

How should I prepare for audience questions and polling?

Our event app includes polling and Q&A features, and we have set aside time following each presentation for audience engagement.

Please submit a poll question to Action Engineering when you upload your presentation. This can be a multiple choice, open text, word cloud, or rating poll. Examples are shown in the brief video to the right.

Audience members can submit questions through the event app during your presentation. Action Engineering will moderate displaying and asking these questions after your presentation concludes. You don’t need to worry about the tech side of this – Action Engineering will handle all of it!

You’re welcome to integrate polls or questions throughout your presentation as well! This creates strong audience engagement and has led to some of our best sessions in previous years. Email us so we can have everything set up for you!

Where can I download the 3D CIC event app?

Download the 3D CIC event app for Android or iOS, or search “3D CIC” in your app store.

Where should I park?3D CIC Parking

Parking areas for both the Mines venue and downtown Golden are shown on the 3D CIC map. Please note that there is zoned neighborhood street parking near the Mines campus that is not open to visitors.

Mines Campus: Visitors can park in Blue or Yellow lots. Rate: $1.50 per hour, max $8 per day.

City of Golden: Downtown parking is available on-street, in lots, or in garages. Rate: first 2 hours free, max $8 per day.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

Please email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Speaker Commitment Form

As you would like your name to appear in conference materials.
As you would like your business title to appear in conference materials.
As you would like your company/organization name to appear in conference materials.
So that we may call or text the speaker during the conference, if necessary.
Be creative and clever!
15-20 words (or 2-3 bullets) on the overall theme of your presentation, key takeaways, and/or lessons learned.
Upload an editable abstract of your presentation, in either paragraph or bulleted format. Note: Draft presentations are due September 4, 2020. Final presentations are due September 25, 2020. Preferred file format: .doc/.docx
Copy and paste your presentation abstract in the field below. Note: Draft presentations are due September 4, 2020. Final presentations are due September 25, 2020. Preferred file format: .doc/.docx
Upload a short speaker bio. Preferred file format: .doc/.docx
Copy and paste your speaker bio in the field below.
Upload a high-resolution professional head/shoulders image. Minimum 3000 pixels (1 MB or larger) with professional background. Preferred file format: .png or .jpg
Submit a high-resolution company logo. Preferred file format: .png or. jpg
I have read the Speaker Agreement and by clicking the Submit button of this Speaker Commitment form, I agree to the terms of the Speaker Agreement.
Feel free to reach out to Action Engineering with any questions.