3D CIC 2020 Event Sponsor

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Kubotek3D is a leading developer of CAD/CAM products and fully multi-threaded, precise geometry software technology components. Leading Aerospace suppliers rely on Kubotek for software to assure critical data integrity during translation of 3D models between all of their CAD/CAM databases. Additionally the history-free, geometry-centered modeling approach pioneered by KeyCreator is ideal for CAD projects where quick, unplanned design variations and productive re-use of design data from anywhere are critical.

Contact Information
Andy Beaupre, General Manager, Sales and Support
2 Mount Royal Avenue
Marlborough, MA 01752 USA
(800) 372-3872
email | website

The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) focuses on 3D CAD collaboration and interoperability for the entire product lifecycle. The 2020 theme of Trust Digital will bring together real users to share experiences. 3D CIC 2020 will be held October 12-15, 2020 at the Green Center in Golden, Colorado. Find out more and register for 3D CIC at 3DCIC.com.