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Purdue Digital Enterprise CenterAction Engineering and the Digital Enterprise Center at Purdue University are partnered for the advancement of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) industry education.

Model-Based Definition is an industry practice that uses 3D CAD models with annotations to communicate information between people and equipment, instead of traditional 2D drawings. MBD reduces variability during data translation, provides more accurate product definition information, and enables wider dissemination of product data through increasingly digital corporate enterprises.

A critical need exists for organizations to fill a gap in their MBD and PLM methods and practice. Purdue University and Action Engineering together leverage years of industry instructional experience to help organizations foster the MBD and PLM education needs of their professionals.

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“Our Action Engineering team’s expertise complements the experiences of Dr. Nathan Hartman and the DEC team at Purdue to offer a deeper understanding of the aspects necessary for successfully implementing and practicing Model-Based Definition – People, Processes, Standards, and Tools,” said Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering. “We often find that companies have a basic understanding of MBD but are lacking in the practical proficiency and mastery level knowledge aligned with available tools and standards. Our collaboration with Purdue helps industry close their MBD gap.”

Literacy, Competency, Mastery

The ability to evolve and tailor instruction for a variety of learners across the product lifecycle is a critical aspect of any educational program. Each industry job role has unique needs when authoring and consuming digital product data within their day-to-day operations. Dr. Nathan Hartman, the Dauch Family Professor of Advanced Manufacturing and Head of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue, promotes such a model when building educational programs with industry, and the partnership with Action Engineering directly supports that effort.

“The Digital Enterprise Center at Purdue University is pleased to partner with Action Engineering in the development of MBD and PLM education programs for industry,” Hartman said. “Action Engineering’s domain expertise and accessible technical content, paired with the experience and educational expertise within the Digital Enterprise Center, provide an effective option for companies looking to provide appropriate levels of education on PLM and MBD topics.”

The PLM and MBD education programs offered by Purdue include sharing of current industry technology and best practices, providing students with credentials that can help advance their professional careers. The MBD and PLM courses focus on the capabilities of current 3D CAD technologies, employing best practices. While not advocating specific 3D CAD tools in these courses, real-world challenges are highlighted to prepare students for what may be encountered along their model-based journeys. These programs combine innovative learning methods, real-world experiences, and industry partnerships. The goal is to return people that complete the programs back into the workforce, more uniquely qualified to transition into technology-driven careers.

Action Engineering will serve as an industry professional partner with Purdue University’s MBD and PLM Certificate Programs. Learn more about training offerings at both organizations:

Action Engineering’s On-Demand and Instructor-Led Training Courses

Purdue University’s MBD Certificate Program

Purdue University’s PLM Certificate Program

Purdue University’s TDP Certificate Program

Digital Enterprise Center at Purdue University

Purdue’s Digital Enterprise Center is an interdisciplinary research center founded in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. It is located in the Indiana Manufacturing Institute in the Purdue University Research Park. The Center works in conjunction with the Indiana Manufacturing Competitiveness Center to operate a digital manufacturing research testbed. The Digital Enterprise Center fuses the talents and expertise of university faculty to serve as a resource for the manufacturing industry’s transformation to the digital enterprise and Industry 4.0. Through research and practice around the tools, processes, and information models used in digital manufacturing across the lifecycle, the Digital Enterprise Center draws industry and academia together to enhance manufacturing competitiveness. For more information, visit

Action Engineering

Action Engineering specializes in guiding organizations to effectively and efficiently implement Model-Based Engineering and Model-Based Definition. We provide MBE/MBD process-based strategies, using a wide variety of CAD software tools. Action Engineering concentrates in educating organization leaders and subject matter experts to document and tailor their business practices to be compatible with CAD, PDM, and PLM techniques. Action Engineering advises companies in: 3D standards and recommended practice, designer modeling efficiency, CAD configuration management, MBE/MBD training, CAD interoperability, and digital thread collaboration using Technical Data Packages. For more information, visit

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