Looking for Model-Based CAD experts? You’ve come to the right place. Action Engineering specializes in training and process improvements for Model-Based Definition (MBD), Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), digital manufacturing, Digital Twin, Industry 4.0 and 3D CAD modeling. We present material CAD-agnostically while working with you to tailor training and processes to your specific CAD software platform and organizational needs.

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Ask the Experts: One-on-One Consulting & Coaching

  • Not sure where to begin or what your next steps should be?
  • We’ll set up an abbreviated phone or screen-share consultation session with you.
  • Our team will help you leap hurdles and move forward.
  • Rate: $300 per hour

Model-Based Business Process Coaching & Planning

  • Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) assessments and road mapping
  • MBD data set evaluations 
  • Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) workflows that include 3D CAD
  • Configuration management for 3D model data sets
  • Strategies to author and consume MBD data sets

Model-Based Training and Education

  • Basic training is CAD agnostic and focuses on MBE philosophy
  • Intermediate and advanced software-specific training is customized to your organization
  • Understanding MBD and Technical Data Packages (TDP)
  • CAD modeling best practices for MBE
  • Methods to create and consume PMI: 3D annotations, notes, metadata, and GD&T
  • Large assembly CAD integration and best practices
  • Incorporating Digital Twin technology into the workplace
  • Industry 4.0: traditional manufacturing meets technology

CAD, PDM, PLM Software Selection Consulting

  • Software beta testing
  • User-based feedback and improvement for software tools
  • Assess and recommend software tools for compatibility with 3D Model-Based Engineering

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Action Engineering believes that business cannot exist in a vacuum. Collaborative methods combined with effective leadership propels organizations into a cycle of best-in-class continuous improvement. Using organized and methodical strategies, we rapidly and thoroughly analyze problems and develop effective solutions to provide the best outcomes for our customers. We stay current with the latest model-based trends, standards, and technologies to apply the latest and greatest innovations for our customers.